Charleston Branding Specialists


While each assignment is unique, we've applied years of experience, research and industry know-how to streamline and facilitate a tested, proven creative process. Throughout each phase, we challenge ourselves to explore new ideas, incorporate client input and routinely evaluate potential solutions against the project's strategic goals. We're a small team that dreams big on behalf of our clients at each and every phase, each and every day.


Phase 1: Discovery

• conduct initial client interview
• establish preliminary project scope/specs
• present written summary with estimated fees
• research competitive landscape
• brainstorm results-focused strategy
• explore concepts, write/edit text


phase 2: Design

• initiate creative process via sketches/wireframes
• cull/scan/digitize strongest sketches
• explore color, typography and compositions
• consider multiple solutions
• commission supporting visuals
• art direct custom photography/illustration


phase 3: refine

• present select layouts
• solicit/integrate client input
• retouch/format imagery
• generate internal/external proofing
• finalize preferred solution for production/transfer


phase 4: Deliver

• confirm production scope and fees
• release files for production/development
• review production partner proofs
• initiate testing/troubleshooting
• coordinate delivery/deployment/launch


phase 5: Engage

• consult client post launch/delivery
• coordinate/host web editor inservice
• review analytics/metrics/results
• implement needed adjustments
• monitor required site updates
• develop additional initiatives


CASE STUDY: Big T Coastal Provisions


When Big T Coastal Provisions founders Tracy and Tony Blanchard approached us with a third-generation family recipe for fresh, real crab dip, they brought along a prototype package. They weren't exactly sure if the package simply needed a tweak or a completely new approach. As with each project, we started the assignment with a thorough discovery process during which time we asked lots of questions and conducted loads of research. As a result, we realized that not only was their dip delicious but had essentially no direct competitors as virtually all other commercially-produced crab dip is made with imitation crab meat. But, therein lied a daunting challenge: convincing buyers (grocers and consumers alike) to appreciate and value premium ingredients. In collaboration with Libba Osborne of Leapfrog Public Relations, we seized the opportunity to capitalize on Big T's unique advantage by highlighting its ingredients via a positioning statement with a bit of whimsy inspired by the product's laid-back Carolina Lowcountry roots: 'Real Crab from Real Coastal Folk.'

In the eight-week design phase that followed, we developed a logo and identity system and explored multiple packaging directions. Ultimately, the client was presented three packaging solutions. Once a favored selection was made, revisions were applied and prospective production partners were contacted for printing estimates. The resulting design features textured typography and a soft, coastal-inspired color palette of reds, blues and tans with an underlay wave graphic and prominent vintage crab illustration. Primary packaging is 8 ounce resealable containers with widespread Eastern US retail availability including Harris Teeter, Publix, Ingles and Balducci’s. Eventually, the dip got the attention of Walmart and subsequently Sam's Club where larger 16 ounce containers can now be found. In addition to packaging, branding support has grown to include:

- website (with extensive recipe archive and e-commerce store)
- printed sales collateral and direct mail campaigns
- custom engineered and fabricated 20'x10’ lighted trade show display
- custom, hand-crafted insulated serving trays
- photography, art direction and styling
- 12-unit wholesale club corrugated display tray
- product line expansion via 6 additional products at multiple sizes